Who We Are

Who We Are

Transcenders provide original music to creators in an integrity-focused environment with a distinct and innovative voice.


Composer collective Transcenders have determined the rhythm of numerous blockbuster television series and films with diverse and dynamic scores. The multi-ethnic Los Angeles-based trio—Brian Lapin, Terence Yoshiaki, and Mike Fratantuno—have elevated the atmosphere of EMMY® Award-winning staples such as Black-Ish and culture phenomena a la Gossip Girl through leveraging an inimitable chemistry and writing style. Their ability to leap past genre lines affirms their status as one of the most sought-after and trusted sources of film and television music in the industry.

“We devote ourselves to every project together,” says Terence.  “By tapping into a very collaborative method of working, we utilize our individual strengths.”

They’ve rallied around the same spirit since their days together in the Black Eyed Peas, writing and performing on the GRAMMY® Award-winning “Let’s Get It Started” and #1 smash “Where Is the Love?” [feat. Justin Timberlake], among other hits. On a break from touring, these three lifelong musicians united as Transcenders and quietly made their presence known in the world of composing. In between providing tunes for Superbad, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife, they broke through by supplying the music for two seasons of the fan favorite Friends spinoff Joey

In 2007, the trio began a six-season run on Gossip Girl, bringing the show to life with a celebrated score. Receiving critical acclaim, Stereogum notably described the opening credits theme as “iconic.In addition to six seasons of score for Madam Secretary and composing for The Real O’Neals, Harry’s Law, and more, they joined the production of Black-Ish in 2014 and look forward to scoring the upcoming eighth season of the ABC hit. The producers welcomed them back for Mixed-Ish in 2019.

At the same time, Transcenders continue to amplify and diversify their impact beyond the studio. During 2021, they launched the TRN Community as a philanthropic division of the company. Its mission reaches back to their genesis.

“Diversity in both genre and culture have been important to us since day one,” adds Brian. “We feel like we’ve always represented the melting pot of Los Angeles.”

In the end, the bond of friendship is at the heart of Transcenders, and it drives everything they do.

“We want people to connect to what we’re doing,” says Mike. “Sometimes, it’s subconscious. Other times, it’s more overt. One chord can change how you feel. We hold that possibility in the highest regard.”


With over three decades of music industry experience, we are motivated to share our journey of music in hopes of inspiring future generations of creatives.

As a division of Los Angeles composer collective Transcenders, TRN Community engages, supports, and champions various likeminded charities and nonprofit organizations.

As part of its mission, TRN Community leverages the platform of Transcenders to provide these organizations with resources, access, opportunities, and experiences digitally and out of its L.A. studio. As such, it regularly opens its doors to educate and enable youth to embrace music by offering an unprecedented window into writing, composing, and recording. TRN Community actively builds a bridge into the world of music through action and impact in the global community.

Transcenders are Terence Yoshiaki, Brian Lapin, and Mike Fratantuno. Their credits include writing and performing with the GRAMMY® Award-winning Black Eyed Peas, composing music for blockbuster television series and films ranging from the EMMY® Award-winning Black-ish to the cultural phenomenon Gossip Girl.